elegro Certified Coins

General questions

  • Is it secure to buy coins?

    Yes, it is. We are a licensed company with all the services compliant with the latest AML and KYC policies. Besides, each crypto purchase is made after signing a contract with us and supported with a certificate proving the legal origin of the digital assets you bought.

  • What coins can I buy?

    You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Litecoin

  • What geographic regions does the solution cover?

    Our solution covers all geographic regions, including the US and Europe regions. Customers can access our service worldwide.

  • How can I buy crypto with your solution?

    To buy crypto, place an order on our website. Then, you will have to pass a quick KYC procedure to get an IBAN and sign an agreement. Next, wire funds to the account and receive coins to a specified crypto wallet. To successfully buy desired coins, follow all the instructions sent to your email.

  • Why do I have to provide documents to buy coins?

    We are a regulated company. That is why all our customers have to pass a KYC procedure that involves providing us with necessary documents. The documents are also required to issue an EU/US bank account in your name

  • What documents do I have to provide to pass a KYC procedure successfully?

    You will have to submit proof of residency documents such as paid utility bills (up to 3 months old) as well as proof of identity with your photo included (passport / ID card)

  • How can I transfer regular funds to my account?

    We will send you wire instructions by email once you've signed the contract.

  • Can I buy crypto with my local currency?

    You can buy crypto with more than 35 currencies, including EUR and USD

  • How can I track my order?

    To track the order, please visit the Certified Coins page. Enter your email in the search field to see the details of your order.

  • How soon can I get crypto?

    You will get the coins as soon as your fiat funds hit the account and are cleared by our compliance team.

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